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Many pet owners do not realize that oral disease is the number one health problem diagnosed in their pets. When your pet's mouth hurts, their quality of life will suffer. Oral disease, also known as periodontitis, is a big deal! It is not just stinky breath and it affects more than just your pet's teeth. The plaque that accumulates on your pet's teeth is made up of bacteria that thrive off of the food that your pet eats everyday. Without routine brushing, the bacteria continue to grow and turn into plaque and tartar, forming the visible, hardened yellow build-up coating on the teeth. As plaque continues to build up it starts to accumulate under your pet's gums, causing irritation and bleeding, hence providing bacteria an easy ride directly to your pet's heart and other vital organs. Periodontitis is a potentially irreversible infection that can be managed, however if left untreated, can result in the destruction of gum and bone and other tissues around your pet's teeth. In most severe cases, periodontitis can ultimately lead to loss of teeth, fracture of jaw bones, and heart and/or liver disease. Maintaining healthy teeth is critical to keeping your pet healthy and happy.

The dental prophylaxis is an anesthetic procedure that is performed to achieve a thorough cleaning of the teeth both above and below the gum line. The procedure begins with hand scaling followed by the ultrasonic scaling. It is a common misconception that removing only the visible tartar and plaque from the teeth (above the gum line) will improve your pet's health. For most pets, the real problem lies underneath the gum line, not visible to the eye, nor removed during a hand scale procedure. Our highly skilled and certified dental technicians have been trained to find and remove the dental plaque and calculus that will cause continued progression of dental disease. Once the hidden plaque and calculus is removed, only then will the at home oral care be successful in progression of the disease. After your pet's dental prophy, one of our skilled technicians will work with you to develop an at home oral care program that will benefit both you and your pet.