Give your pet something to smile about!

Give your pet something to smile about!

Let’s face it; we all want that “million dollar smile”, right? Did you ever think that maybe our pets want one too? Well, I can tell you that they do!


Think about how your mouth feels when you don’t brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. I think everyone would agree that having an unclean mouth is NOT the best feeling! Did you know that your pet’s dental needs are just like ours? The best way to prevent dental disease is to brush your pet’s teeth at least once a day. Now I know what you’re thinking, “I can’t brush my dog/cat’s teeth!” We understand! Here we are few at home treatments to help prevent dental disease from taking over your pet’s mouth.

Now like I said, the best way to prevent dental disease is to brush your pet’s teeth. Keep in mind that you must use toothpaste designed for pets that does not contain fluoride – this can be toxic to pets! Pet toothpaste comes in many tasty flavors such as beef, poultry, malt and vanilla mint. There are also a variety of toothbrushes available for your pet, such as a long tooth brush making it easier for the big dogs. Or, if your dog doesn’t like the tooth brush, you could always try the finger brush.

So, brushing might not be an option, what’s next? Not a problem! We have products such as a food or a water additive, which makes things easier. The food additive adds a tiny amount of product sprinkled over your pet’s food once a day. The main ingredient is blue seaweed, which is a good product for helping to break down tarter build up. The water additive is a very convenient home care dental solution too. It helps to reduce tartar build up and its resultant halitosis. A difference in breath can be noticed in as little as 2 weeks!

“My pet likes to chew on things” – GREAT!! A great choice would be Clenz-a-Dent chews which are coated in chlorhexadine, a product that helps to break up that tartar build up. Not only is that GREAT, but while your pets chew on these rawhides, it’s also breaking some of that build up off the tooth! Plus, pets love them and they are safe if ingested. For our feline friends, we carry Greenies, which is a crunchy treat that cats LOVE!

Please keep in mind that if your pet has bad breath, this could also be a sign of infection and your pet may need to be examined or have a professional dental cleaning. Oral issues are very painful for our pets. If your pet acts like he is painful or not wanting to eat, please call your veterinarian.

If your pet needs a professional dental cleaning, we are currently running a promotion for FULL MOUTH dental radiographs as well as a professional dental cleaning for ONLY $299! Once your pet’s teeth have been cleaned, and their mouths are not painful, you could start any of these or all of these steps as a precautionary, preventative-measure to combat dental disease!

Have questions?? Feel free to email us – we would love to help you with your pet’s dental care!